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{April 27, 2009}   Life Is In Resume

so i got my report card the other day and im ungrounded. this means that my life can now be resumed  on the internet world. this is the first post in i dont know how long…whew its good to be back!


{February 20, 2009}   WELP SO MUCH FOR THAT

okay so much for the news thing…..turns out i got another D on my report card so im still grounded….o well. they are coming up slowly but surely…well kinda. anywho ill write again sometime in the next 90 years of my life.

{February 5, 2009}   fantabulouse idea

So i was laying around the other day thinking of ways to get more people to look at my blog and i came up with a fantastic idea….starting today and every Thursday from here on out i am going to have a news post……i will put my favorite news story on here and hopefully people will be interested……..GOOD LUCK TO ME!

{January 18, 2009}   Update on life!

Wow its been so long.! but anywho there are some things that have happend since my last post. Ummmmm lets see where so i begin.! I had an awsome thanksgiving…full of family and food! then christmas was absolutely amazing as well. i got the new iPod Chromatic. Its orange and its beautiful…then lets see i worked all of christmas break so nothing exciting in that area of my life. I went back to school and the first few days back my english teacher from freshmen year asked me about creating a blog for his class. And so Mr. Holliday is officialy a member or wordpress. WOOT WOOT. Okay then we got report cards. I got an F in spanish and 2 C’s and 1 B and 1 A…..wich is alot better then last time but still got grounded for the F 😦 O well. it can only get  better from here.

{December 17, 2008}   BEEN A LONG TIME

So im sitting here at school. I am at lunch so i figured HEY i shud post so that it dusnt look like iv givin up on my blog. well i have been grounded for not so good grades so ill be back in about three weeks 😀

{December 8, 2008}   The junkie post

These are the top five junkies in my life

  •  Im a guitar hero junkie
  • Im a junk foor junkie
  • Im a msn messenger junkie
  • Im a blog  junkie
  • Im a friend junkie ( love to be around my friends :-D)

{November 21, 2008}   happy 50th post
Happy 50th Blog Entry To ME

Happy 50th Blog Entry To ME

Ok so about my 50th post….not very many but a landmark for me :-). So I think I will celibrate with a nice picture. Nothing much just a little snazzy something to show how far iv come in the celebrity world of blogging….(sarcasm)

1. Nobody ever asked me if I wanted that for supper.

2. Nobody ever asked me what movie I wanted to see.

3. Nobody ever asked me if I liked the rules.

4. Nobody ever  asked me if I wanted to go.

5. Nobody ever asked me if I liked that color for my bedroom walls.

6. Nobody ever asked me if I wanted to wake up in the morning.

7. Nobody ever asked me if I wanted to hang out with that person.

8. Nobody asked me if i wanted to take that class.

9. Nobody asked me if I wanted to listen to that music.

10. Nobody asked me what I wanted to do today.

Thats deffinately ceramics. Ima beast at that class. I hate every other class other than that……that is all i have to say♥

WAITER……..Why is this bug in my soup….thats excactly what i would do. Honestly though i would rather have a bug in my soup than things i have seen in soup before….like perhaps old lady hair….but any way yea thats exactly what I would do!

Well there are a few of them……Lime green being one….Hot pink…..and neon blue…those colors are the mst fantabulouse colors EVER!!!! If only i could find something plaid in those colors♥

Keep wearing them…..sometimes to  look nice you have to deal with a little bit. All shoes hurt a little bit when you first buy them. And if you like them in the store of course they are not going to hurt. This is my theory. If a pair of shoes is hurting you in the store and your mom is the one paying for them dont say anything. If she knows they hurt your feet then she wont pay for them……:-)

Thats simple. Junk food is my life 😀 I love junk food. if it has sugar in it then i like it. everything from sugary cereal to pie. the deffinition for junk food should be. Junk Food noun: An edible substance with atleast 10 grams of sugar in it that is normaly consumed after supper. Verb. Katies life  Thats all i have to say for now Good bye ♥

{November 12, 2008}   TOTALLY AWSOME!

So yea there is this shirt…….It may be $250 BUT I WANT IT!





Just kidding. HAHA fooled you. I would throw it away and act like it didnt bother me but on the inside I would be crying my lil heart out. I LOVE PB&J if I pack my lunch thats deff. what I pack. I mean think about it if you have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich it your hands what more could you want. I mean of course if your allergic to peanuts you could want something else but my gosh honestly I had 2 pb&j sandwiches for supper tonight……and half of a pizza…..I know your thinking im extrememly fat…..Welp what can I say I like food. 😀 But yea ima just go now ♥

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